DotAfrica (.africa) is the new Geographic Top Level Domain (gTLD) for the people and continent of Africa. This recently-launched gTLD represents the online hopes and dreams of an entire continent. The effect on commerce, education, health and other sectors will be profoundly positive as Africans use their new domain to unite our Internet community.

This opportunity for individuals, governments, companies and others to associate their products, services and information with the continent and people of Africa was made possible by ICANN’s delegation of the rights to administer .africa to Registry Africa.

Today, .africa continues to enjoy the support of the African Union Commission (AUC) and a comfortable majority of African governments. It furthermore enjoys widespread support from such leading African organisations as AfriNIC, AfTLD, ITU, UNECA and Nepad.

The mission to create Africa’s very own online identity began as far back as the OR Tambo and Abuja Declarations of the 1990s where it was resolved to use ICT to ensure the development of Africa. Following the official launch of .africa at the AU Headquarters in Ethiopia in April 2017, a roadshow to take the .africa message to the entire continent was launched at the 29th African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa on 03 July 2017.

The .africa “follow the flag” campaign signals to the world that Africa has finally prevailed. This unprecedented journey across the continent celebrates .africa as an example of Africans working together to achieve a common goal of “one domain name for the entire continent”.

A much-anticipated feature of the follow the flag campain will be the hoisting of the .africa flag atop Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. After completing its landmark journey to epitomise the unity of all African States, the .africa flag will then be returned to its home, the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa. The flag’s story is about promoting the use of the .africa domain name in pursuit of African unity, peace and prosperity.