The .africa summit team will embark on a two week long trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in January 2018. Summiting the highest peak on the continent signifies the great heights that Africans have climbed to get to the delegation and the launch of one domain name for the entire African continent.

Domain the unDomained

The cause that the .africa summit team supports is Domaining the unDomained which is close to the heart of the .africa Foundation, a non-profit organisation tasked to improve the ICT Industry in Africa.

The objectives of the climb:

  • To create awareness about the .africa domain name. “One domain name for the entire African continent”
  • To develop Africa based internet service providers and to enable them to provision .africa domain names
  • To increase the number of .africa domain name registrations by Africans
  • To encourage Africans to take pride and ownership of the domain name
Deshun Deysel 2

.africa Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit Leader

Deshun Deysel
Deshun Deysel

Deshun Deysel is a leading female mountaineers with a 15 year career as a high altitude mountaineer. She has been on 14 major expeditions in five continents.

In 1996 she made history by being part of the first group of South Africans to plant the new democratic flag on the top of Mt. Everest. As a novice climber Deshun was only able to reach Camp 2 at 6,500 metres (21,325 feet) that year, but subsequently returned to Everest in 2003. Bad weather, however, thwarted that attempt as Deshun made her way to the summit. Again she had to turn back – this time a mere 500 metres from the top (8,848 metres, 29,028 feet).

Deshun has been an active promoter of high altitude climbing among women in Africa, where the sport is not widely known. She has had to fight stereotypes as an African female mountaineer in order to accomplish her high altitude dreams. Although her dream to reach the top of Mt. Everest has not yet being realised, her climbing exploits have inspired hundreds of Africans to see high altitude mountaineering as a reachable goal.

Deshun has led groups to Mt. Everest Base Camp, including Olympic decathlon legend and Laureus World Sports Academy member Daley Thompson, as well as three groups to Mt. Kilimanjaro. She has also successfully climbed Mount Meru (Tanzania), Mount Kenya (Kenya), Mount Elbrus (Russia), Mount Kala Pathar (Nepal) and Mt. Blanc (France).

Deshun Deysel 2

Interested climbers are invited to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany the .africa flag in summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Meet the .africa Mountaineers

Deshun Deysel
Lucky Masilela
Ronald Schwaerzler
Daniel Nanghaka
Simon Msafiri Balthazar
Jerry Maleka
Sarah Mhamilawa

Mt Kilimanjaro Summit Itinerary (January 2018)

Pretoria – Francistown* (Bots)
Gaborone – Francistown*(Bots)
Francistown – Bulawayo* (Zim)
Bulawayo – Chinhoyi* (Zim)
Lusaka – Serenje* (Zam)
Serenje – Tunduma*(Tan)
Tunduma – Makambako*(Tan)
Makambako – Iringa*(Tan)
Iringa – Dodoma*(Tan)
Dodoma – Tarangire National Park* (Tan)
Tarangire National Park – Marangu* base Camp
4 days for contingency before the team has to be in base camp
Rest Day
Start the Climb
10 days to climb the mountain
Summit day
Back to Base Camp
Rest Day
Marangu – Kenya*
Nairobi – Marsabit* (Kenya)
Marsabit – Gedeb* ( Ethiopia)
Gedeb – Addis Ababa Ethiopia*