Africa’s amateur and professional climbers are encouraged to apply for possible inclusion in the Mount Kilimanjaro summit attempt by dotAfrica (.africa), a domain name for the entire continent. The expedition is set to begin its landmark trek on 15 January 2018.

The climbers will be entrusted with the .africa flag and will be led by famed mountaineer, Deshun Deysel, in their ultimate quest to plant the flag atop Africa’s tallest mountain. This penultimate goal would be the culmination of a roadshow to publicise the .africa domain name across the continent.

Climbers interested in sharing the .africa summit experience are encouraged fill in the ‘call to climb’ form.

Important considerations for interested climbers:

  • While all applicants are welcome to apply, it should be noted that interested climbers will be taking care of their own summiting costs such as accommodation and gear.
  • All climbing requirements including medical checks will have to be conducted by applicants before one can be considered for inclusion in the .africa climbing team.
  • The decision and selection of interested people who ultimately join the team rests solely with Registry Africa.
  • Registry Africa will take care of all Kilimanjaro guide services, logistics, training and coaching.

Application form